Midweek outreach

by Struthers Cumbernauld


We began our Newmains meeting with a time of singing, which became very rich. We then had some up to date reports of how God had been with individuals that week. Pauline then continued the Bible study on the life of David. She focussed on Absolam and his betrayal, bringing out a lot of interesting points about twisted human nature, and the need to be very open and honest before God. There were many good contributions. Mark then led a short time of worship and prayer to close our meeting.


After John led some singing at the meeting this week Annette brought a very encouraging word from Acts 4:28-30: "To do whatsoever thy hand and thy counsel deems to be done. By stretching forth thine hand to heal; and that signs and wonders may be done by the name of Jesus". Signs and wonders did indeed follow as His presence fell so very powerfully in our midst. As we turned to worship we found a very deep and free access with singing in the Spirit and gift of tongues and interpretation. We are so thankful that He continually lifts our eyes to Him who is the God of the miraculous. Praise His name!



We began our meeting as usual with up to date reports from people. Most commented on how they had been blessed and encouraged over the weekend and that the preaching had made an impact on their lives.

David brought a word to us from Exodus chapter 3 & Daniel chapter 3, the main theme being "burning but not consumed“ and how God can speak to us as we go about our daily routine.  He encouraged each one of us that, in times of difficulty and when we face the furnaces that come our way, God will not allow us to be consumed: He will remain faithful to us.

We had a very rich time of prayer and worship to finish. The presence of God was certainly with us.

We enjoyed a special time of fellowship celebrating Jim’s birthday.

Toddlers update

by Struthers Cumbernauld

We had a quieter time this morning as some families are on holiday and some children are ill. 22 children and 22 adults joined in the fun. The children drew around their hands and discussed with their mums some of the helpful things they do at home. After free play we split into two groups. Annette discussed ways they can be helpful and then told them the story of the four friends who helped their friend get to see Jesus by lowering him down through the roof. The children sat and listened really well. The younger ones had their usual rhyme time. We celebrated the birthday of one of our wee boys. Our time together was rounded off with some singing and a bubble session.  We resume in two weeks time as next week is a bank holiday.

Youthwork update

by Struthers Cumbernauld

We had 18 children at our Friday club this week. Tiffies began with some singing before Leah spoke. She used an illustration of walking along a tightrope carrying things to show that a journey can be difficult, but is easier when you walk with friends who share the same beliefs. She encouraged the children to spend time with friends that try to live the way Jesus wants us to live. We then had some rounders and a game of stop the bus before finishing with ice lollies.

Mel began with some games in our older part. Tiffies then spoke about the Holy Spirit and used different illustrations to show the difference between the Holy Spirit being with us compared to when He is in us. We split into groups for further discussion with Leah taking the younger group and Tiffies with the young adults. Both had very beneficial discussions, with the younger group really focusing on what it means to feel the presence of God. We came back together for a short time of worship, which was lovely, before we closed.

Midweek outreach

by Struthers Cumbernauld

A good number gathered for our meeting in Newmains this week, including one new lady. Leah and Tiffies took the singing to begin before some up to date reports. Leah then gave a very good testimony to Salvation, Baptism in the Spirit and the more recent move of God in her life. Polly then continued the study on the life of David, focussing on the time when David was confronted regarding his sin by the prophet Nathan. We looked at David's repentance in Psalm 51, and also the seriousness of the consequences of sin. We closed with a time of song and worship and there was a real sense of gratefulness for all Christ has done for us.