Midweek meeting

by Struthers Cumbernauld


Our meeting this week kicked off with some audience participation in the form of a few of our folks leading their chosen chorus. This worked well and helped encourage those doing the choosing. Very quickly we found that same presence of God we're used to in our midst. Rae then brought some verses which spoke of the hope which is found in the love of God for the salvation of souls.  We then had a very good prayer time before finishing with a lovely time of worship to Him who is so worthy of all our praise.

Toddlers update

by Struthers Cumbernauld


After a brief free play session, we all went through to the church to have our prize giving ceremony. We sang some choruses and each child received a book.

Next we had some party games in the coffee shop.

Lots of party food was eaten before our 8 birthday children received their gifts and cards.

This was our last meeting of the summer and we resume in August after the schools resume.

Friday youthwork

by Struthers Cumbernauld

We had just under 30 children tonight, including two children moving up from our Toddler group. Tiffies began with some singing with some help from Lauren. The pre-school and P1 children then went out with Marianne and Kayleigh for some parachute games before Marianne spoke about Father's Day and how God is our Father. Tiffies asked children to answer questions about each other to find out how well they know each other. She then spoke about how we build relationships and the importance of continuing to build our friendship with Jesus over the summer. We then had arts and crafts organised by Stacy and games organised by Davy and Heather.

In our student zone Mel began with some games. We then split into a younger group with Tiffies and Kayleigh, middle group with Leah and Davy and our young adults with Graeme. All groups had very beneficial discussions about what it means to abide in the vine from John 15 and practical ways we can do this. There were lots of great questions asked. We closed in prayer in our groups before having a small birthday celebration for one of our young adults. It was a very good night all in.

Midweek meetings

by Struthers Cumbernauld


Our small hall was packed on Wednesday night. The tables were spread with the usual fantastic supper and we were delighted to have 5 new folks at our outreach meeting.

We began with supper and getting to know our new friends before having a short meeting.

Diana and Mark took a time of singing before Kayleigh gave an excellent testimony to how she found Christ as a teenager, encountered difficult years of moving house and having a new family, falling away through peer pressure and finally returning home to Christ. She has never felt so happy, content and more like herself.

Diana spoke briefly about the purposes of God to win lives and where the Newmains work was heading, inviting others to come on board with us. One lady at the end mentioned she would like to bring her family next Wednesday night.

Many thanks to the team of ladies who organised the supper and cleared up at the end. We couldn't do it without you! It was a great night.



A very encouraging evening at Airdrie this week. John led some great singing then we had some very good up to date reports.  Rae then spoke from 1Tim 6:11 "But thou o man/woman of God,... follow steadfastness."  Steadfastness being endurance under persecution. God has been speaking to many of us, both collectively and individually, to encourage us to move forward in Him.  He would have us anchored firmly and securely in Christ Jesus. One of the strategic lessons we must learn is to endure under persecution, whether that be in the form of ill health, weariness, lack of strength or disappointment. We must learn to trust that Christ will keep our soul steadfast and immovable. When we walk through the waters He will be with us. We walk by faith not by sight.

There followed a short time of prayer and worship before we ended with a wee chat and cup of tea.