Friday youthwork

by Struthers Cumbernauld

We had around 25 kids at our youth club tonight. We began with a song before watching a short animation of children telling the Easter story and talking about why Jesus died on the cross. Tiffies then spoke of the importance of spending time over the Easter holidays remembering what Jesus has done for us. We then rotated round stations where we made a Holy Week calendar, decorated biscuits and took part in an Easter egg hunt.

In our student zone Mel started off with some games. We were pleased to have a new girl along tonight. Mark came along tonight and gave a very good testimony. Zander rounded this up before we turned to have a time of prayer and worship.

Midweek outreach meetings

by Struthers Cumbernauld


We had a good time of singing this week to begin our meeting. People were in great voice. Our Bible Study this week looked at David's relationship with Saul and his son Jonathan. We discussed how David maintained respect for Saul because he was the Lord's anointed despite Saul having turned against God and was pursuing David around the country. We also discussed how, like David and Jonathan, God can give us friendships that are to be valued and treasured.

We closed with a time of worship and there was a deep sense of the quietness of God resting on the meeting as we closed.



Another good meeting at Airdrie this week.  All were in good voice as John led the singing. A couple of folks shared some reports then Rae spoke from the Lord's prayer and some other verses around the Kingdom of God. We then had a very good worship time and also joined in prayer that new folks would come from the Airdrie area.



We had a smaller gathering in Coatbridge this week. The update from people seemed to have a theme running through it around the challenges in sharing their faith in the workplace. We rejoiced at the news of Jim and Mima's grandson getting out of hospital. 

The Word given was about 'being filled' and the promise of Christ to fill us to be His witnesses.  We were encouraged to try and remain being filled - by being obedient to God, to cleave to him and to seek His will. 

We closed in prayer before a time of fellowship over tea and cakes.





by Struthers Cumbernauld

Another fun filled noisy session at toddlers this morning.  We had 27 children and 26 adults.  Tipu joined us for a visit and helped Brian with games, Morag told the story of Emma's lamb, Rosemary took the singing for the wee ones and Sara helped the older children make Mother's Day cards. We also had two birthdays to celebrate today with birthday cake for all.

Friday youth work

by Struthers Cumbernauld

We had around 20 kids at our Friday club this week. We tried one or two older ones that were new to the kids, these went down well. Tiffies spoke to p3-7 about feeling guilt. The children wrote down on a piece of paper something they felt guilty for. An image of the cross was projected and each young person came and crumpled their paper and put in the bin beneath the cross. Tiffies spoke of how Jesus can take away all our guilt when we come to the cross. We closed with a short time of worship and song, where we took time to really think about the cross. Leah spoke to the p1/2's about heaven and shared some stories which the children really enjoyed. Our stations tonight included crafts, games and challenges involving marshmallow and balloon towers.

Mel started our student zone with some games. Zander then introduced our groups that were a time of sharing and praying together. Tiffies and Shev took the younger group, Scott and Leah with the teens and Zander with the young adults. There was some very good discussion and some lovely things shared tonight. One of our P7 girls who had been given a gospel of Mark last week shared that she had read from it every night last week and felt it brought her closer to God. We had a time of prayer in each group which was also very good.