Bible study update

by Struthers Cumbernauld

Tonight we took a break from our usual bible study and looked at the theme of spiritual warfare. Focusing on Ephesians chapter 6 verses 10-13, we discussed that there are two dimensions to spiritual warfare. The first is to be 'strong in the Lord' which requires us to be aggressive against the powers of darkness. The second dimension is 'in the power of His might'. We need to seek for and find God's might. We ought never to face the enemy in our own strength, but go against him in the power of God's might.
We discussed the importance of putting on the 'whole armour of God'. When we are completely committed Christans then we are wearing the whole armour and it is only then that we can be trusted with the warfare. The whole armour involves our mind, our emotions and our will. Every part of us must be completely yielded to God.
Sometimes we are required to simply stand against the enemy. This means to stand firm, not to reason with the devil, or to compromise on any issue. We are not expected to crumble during spiritual warfare, but we are to 'stand' until the battle is past. At other times we must wrestle against evil powers and principalities. Spiritual battles are sometimes not won instantly but as we wrestle on in the power of God, we know He has promised to give us victory.