Thought for the week by pastor Diana Rutherford

by Struthers Cumbernauld

'Then they fastened them ... as memorial stones for the sons of Israel, as the Lord commanded.' Exodus 39:7

This is a beautiful picture from the Old Testament.
As part of the priest's apparel he was to wear on his shoulder the names of the sons of Israel. They were to be fastened to his shoulders.
It's a beautiful illustration of what Christ does for us. He takes us on His shoulders and fastens our name there so we cannot be forgotten.

Have you ever thought about that? Your name, fastened to the shoulder of the Lord Jesus Christ! He cannot forget you.
This is confirmed in the words 'yet will I not forget thee.' (Isaiah 49:15).

Does the devil tempt you to be discouraged; make you feel forgotten and isolated? We have all felt like that from time to time - unloved, neglected and forgotten about.
Let us take time to remind ourselves that He, the creator of heaven and earth, cannot forget about us. More than this, He has not only fastened our name to His shoulder He has
'graven thee upon the palms of his hands.' (V16).
Is there anywhere on the face of the earth a greater love than this?

We can never be forgotten.