Family Music Outreach

by Struthers Cumbernauld

This week our usual Friday Club was replaced with a family service with lots of singing pieces from our children, young people and church choir. Our service began with a lively rendition of ‘I am a lighthouse’ which got lots of reluctant adults onto the platform! The kids thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to embarrass their parents. This was followed by the children singing a number of favourite action songs. They were in great voice and did very well. We then had some lovely singing items from our teens who sang beautifully. Tiffies then gave a short testimony to salvation before the church choir came to sing two very good pieces. Diana spoke briefly about the prodigal son and gave a very clear message for both children and adults of what it means to come to Christ and the welcome that is waiting for each of us. There was a lovely atmosphere as she closed in prayer. We finished by singing ‘Stronger’ together. The children blasted the adults out of the water as they sang their all time favourite with great gusto!

Almost everyone waited for the supper provided in the bookshop at the end of the evening. During this part, one of our long standing parents, whom we have known for many years, spoke with Diana Rutherford and came to Christ. We are delighted with this. Other parents and families were very warm and responsive regarding the service and the youth work in general. There was a very happy atmosphere and a lovely presence of God over the whole night. We are ever grateful for His faithfulness to us in this work and appreciate continued prayers for these children and their families.



by Struthers Cumbernauld


A quieter session with 18 adults and 17 children joining us for a very happy  morning.

We had lots of free play, as usual, during which the children iced biscuits and added a marshmallow and sweets to make piggy biscuits. Rosemary helped the children with this activity. They also made cotton wool sheep at the craft table. Our theme was farm animals.

We had our usual big sing along and all the children came together for that as some of the older ones were on pre school visits.

Snack followed and we finished of with some lively games and a bubbles activity. 

It was lovely to have our newest baby join us today for the first time. Another good morning had by all.  

Friday night youth work

by Struthers Cumbernauld

A quieter Friday club this week with about 20 children. We sang loads of songs in preparation for our music outreach night next week and the kids were in great voice. We then had some fun with an arm wrestling competition. Not all matches were equal, so some smaller people had some help. Tiffies then brought the verse: “The Lord himself will fight for you. Just stay calm.” (Exodus‬ ‭14:14‬ ‭NLT)‬‬. She talked about the story of the Egyptians crossing the Red Sea and the way God did impossible things for the Israelites. She related this to our lives and the ways in which we can trust God to do that which we can’t do. The kids listened well and were very settled as Mark closed in prayer. We then enjoyed some outdoor games while some older girls practised singing items for next week.

In our Student Zone we began with a game of Stop the Bus, which was a lot of fun. We had some friends from Glasgow and Greenock joining us tonight which was great. Tiffies then started the meeting with some singing, which was greatly helped by the extra voices and we had a lovely time of worship. Lorna then introduced what youth camp would be like by asking April, Katie and Sophie all to share parts about the activities and the meetings, as well as some personal encounters with God. She then shared some ways we can get ready for youth camp and encouraged the young people that God has much blessing for us this summer. We then split into groups to pray for youth camp and our youth work before finishing with some food and time to chat. It was a good night all in.

Outreach Meetings

by Struthers Cumbernauld


A small number gathered in Jim’s home again this week. After up to date reports Graham spoke on the Cities of Refuge from the Old Testament. There followed a lovely time of prayer and worship. Several brought their own personal contributions during this part and there was a rich presence of God with us. We give thanks to Him who provides refuge for us in the storms of life.



We had a slightly smaller number than usual but still were encouraged to see several newer faces with us again this week.

We began with a short time of singing followed by a testimony from James to salvation, baptism in the Spirit and deliverance, and an up to date report from Alan concerning the work of God in his life. Both were very encouraging.

Diana Rutherford preached on the importance of having a personal relationship with Christ rather than just having a belief in God. This was what would hold us through the storms of life. She made comparisons between the Old and New Testament with the coming of Christ. There followed an excellent prayer and worship time. There was much personal ministry with singing, laughter and dancing. It was truly wonderful to be released into His wonderful presence and to find His joy. God is good!


Airdrie folks took to the streets tonight with leaflets advertising the Struthers Church local meeting and the upcoming Will Graham Hope Crusade. Others remained in the hall to pray. We managed to deliver to a good number of doors. Elaine and her team came across a group in the street, one of whom came to church back in 1993. He still remembers meeting the Presence of God through prayer with Hugh Black, and still speaks of the effect it had on Him. We pray that we will see him again at our meeting in the near future. It was good to be about God's business and folks were fired up for the work concerning the salvation of souls.  The prayer team also found God richly with them as they interceded for the work. Pray we see much fruit in the near future! 🙏🏼