by Struthers Cumbernauld

We are delighted with the many encouraging comments coming in about our website! We know some folks have had difficulty posting under blog posts, so here are just a few we have received:

"The site looks great! Full of info and news for prayer, as well. Great job web admin!"  Lin

 "Liking the layout of the website. It's great to see all the dates of events coming up."  Janice

"Hi Guys, just to say fab looking web site. The wee photos are excellent too. Nice, clear and clean looking with no over arty text fonts. great content Keep u the good work!" Graham M

"Liking the new layout of the website, much more informitive and easier to navigate." Bert

Please keep your feedback coming! You can use our contact form for this. We are also delighted to have so many new followers on twitter! Thank you all for supporting us in our exciting new venture!