Youth Work Update

by Struthers Cumbernauld

Another busy evening with our Friday night youth work! We had 48 children, with quite a few new faces in amongst our number. We had a warning signs quiz where children identified dangers, and we compared that to how Jesus gives us warning signs to help keep us from doing wrong. Our younger children looked at the story of Lazarus. We also had another parent enquiring about our Sunday school.

Our student zone was busy putting plans into place for our nativity play.  We discussed music, props and the organisation of the drama production in groups. This was followed with a time of singing and our Bible study. Questions were flowing as we continued to look at the Gospel of Mark. A short time of relaxation closed our evening, with a table tennis tournament before heading home.  Once again, our team of workers worked hard with the kids! Very grateful to them and for all who are so faithful in praying for this work!