Sunday Services Update

by Struthers Cumbernauld

Sunday meetings at Struthers, Cumbernauld.

We had a great day! One lady came for prayer in the morning and had a lovely baptism in the Holy Spirit. She was thrilled with her experience; her only complaint was that she couldn't stop smiling!

At night in our gospel meeting we had several new faces including those who came to Christ last week. Pastor Diana Rutherford spoke about the kingdom of heaven being amongst us. A lady who has been coming around since our Christmas Glasgow outreach came for prayer. She came into the beginnings of her baptism in the Spirit and was quite overwhelmed with the strong Presence of God that surrounded her. There were others who also came for help and got on well. It was a good night.

We pray on for others to be affected by the deep Presence of God that is amongst us in these days.