Bible study update

by Struthers Cumbernauld

Ephesians ch 5

Tonight's study began with the opening verses of Ephesians chapter 5. We discussed the importance of being an imitator of Christ. In order for us to love others we must first love God and allow His love to flow through us. The love of God is not weak, it is extremely strong, and we can find that strength within us to love others and stand against sin. As in previous chapters, Paul again goes on to address issues in the church, and he highlights the awfulness of sin. God's anger will fall upon those who are disobedient (ch5 v6), therefore Paul is continually trying to emphasize the importance of turning away from sin and turning back to God and living in His light. Spending time with God and having regular fellowship with other Christians at church helps to nurture the light within us and, in turn, others will begin to see the light which is within our lives.