by Struthers Cumbernauld

Gareth, the minister of our Neath Church encourages us to visit the Neath Congregation whenever we can. We managed a visit at the September weekend for their Saturday night and Sunday morning meeting and had an excellent time.   

On Saturday night, Helen took a time of worship and encouraged the company to press through into the presence of God.  The young adults sang a beautiful arrangement  of 2 songs in harmony.   Diana then spoke from the Psalms for a short while on being quickened spiritually .  The prayer time that followed was very rich.

The sanctuary looked fairly full on Sunday morning.  It was great seeing the church so busy and there was definitely a feeling that the Welsh branch is well established.  Lloyd took a fabulous time of singing and after the children went out to Sunday School Diana spoke from Ephesians 6.  It was a good meeting.  There were several new faces that we didn't know.  Following an appeal three responded for prayer.  Whilst Vanda led a lovely time of song two of these lives came in to their Baptisms in the Holy Spirit whilst the third got some help.  Several of the more regular folk received ministry during the rest of the service and there was a wonderful sense of the goodness of God flowing amongst us. 

The next time we visit our Welsh friends their new extension will be well underway.  We are looking forward to seeing what God will do amongst them in the future.