Mid week outreach meetings

by Struthers Cumbernauld

We had a very good meeting in Coatbridge this week. There were a number of visitors which is always encouraging.
We began with a super time of singing led by John, during which he spoke briefly of the full armour of God and the wonder of the weapon that is ours in God's word. Willie then gave a very good testimony to Salvation and Baptism in the Holy Spirit. This was followed by the word brought by Rae. She spoke on Ezekiel 37, the valley of dry bones. It was a word full of hope, encouraging us that no one is beyond God's help. It is our responsibility not to accept a mediocre road when there is an abundance of life available to us.
This was followed by a very rich time of worship, full of life and hope in God. There was opportunity for ministry and a real touch of God on those who had prayer.

In Motherwell, a small number gathered together. Our meeting began with a time of song led by Karen and Andrew. Following this, Barbara gave an update on a friend who had recently found Christ. Thereafter Diana spoke from Mark's Gospel 2:12
"This amazed everyone and they praised God saying 'we have never seen anything like this.' " She spoke of not growing familiar with the miracle of Salvation, Baptism in the Holy Spirit or the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. We can only transmit the power of these things if we ourselves are thrilled with them.
We closed with a short time of intercession which was excellent.