Bible Study Update

by Struthers Cumbernauld

Tonight we began chapter 6 of our bible study on the book of Ephesians.
The opening verses look at the relationship between parents and children. It is very important that children learn obedience, as they will then learn obedience to God. Paul also encourages parents to show kindness to their children and not cause them to be exasperated. Therefore, Paul clearly explains that this two way process will produce healthy relationships between family members.
Paul then goes on to place the same responsibilities between masters and slaves. Even if the 'masters' (bosses) are not leading good lives and we cannot respect their lifestyle or their ungodly decisions, however there must always be a respect for the position of those in authority. There is no favouritism in Christ as He has 'no respect of persons' (ch6 v9).
Verses 10 to 20 go on to look at the theme of spiritual warfare. We must learn to live by the power of God and by His might, and realise that we are in a spiritual battle. Christ has won the victory over the power of darkness however, we must apply His overcoming power to our own lives. We can do this by putting on "the whole armour of God" (ch6 v13) which we will look at in more detail next week.