Youth Work Update

by Struthers Cumbernauld

A great youth night last night. Just under 40 children gathered for our Friday club, including a couple of new children. We had some games and singing to start off! We then split into our groups and the children enjoyed parachute games. The older group heard a testimony of what it meant to ask Jesus into your heart; of God's love for them and why He came to die on a cross. The children listened well. At least five of the children asked Jesus to come into their hearts as we prayed together at the end. Please keep these children in your prayers!

In our student zone, we had an 'ask it basket' allowing young people to anonymously ask questions which we discussed as a group. A very wide range of things were discussed at length! It was an interesting, healthy discussion which got us all thinking! We followed this with some food, chat and games. A great night all in!