Youth Work Update

by Struthers Cumbernauld

36 kids gathered last night for our youth club. We were very pleased to see some faces that we've not had along for quite a few months. Great to have them back and see them fit right into things! Tonight we played some games, acting out different fairy stories and myths. We thought about the characters that are our biggest heroes and why. We then talked about Jesus and thought about why He is the greatest hero of all and, unlike the other characters, Jesus is not a myth but a real person we can come to know. We discussed how special we are to Him. Children took time to think about the fact God knows how many hairs are on our head and our thoughts before we think them. Their faces expressed amazement as we talked about these things! We then had our stations with games, arts and crafts and a quiz. We finished with some singing. We learned some old favourites, which were new to the kids. It's always so refreshing to see children so happy in God's presence!

In our student zone, we began to look at the subject of revival. We watched Transformations Two and saw some of the amazing effects of revival in different parts of the world. We then split into our Bible study groups, were we had some great discussions about what makes our faith real to us as individuals. We had a short time of prayer before having some food and games to finish our night off.