Update on youth work

by Struthers Cumbernauld

We had 37 lively kids for our youth club tonight! At the start we had a great time of singing together before splitting into our age groups of Primary 1-2 and 3-7.

Our P1-2 group had a fun time of games with the parachute before their meeting. Our older group talked about prayer. We looked at a mixed up version of The Lord's Prayer, and put it back into order. We then talked about what each part means in simple terms and why it's important to think when praying and not just to say a prayer we have learned. Children were given a copy of the prayer to take home.

Our arts and crafts, games and quiz stations all followed. The stations ran smoothly and the children had lots of fun.

In our Student Zone we watched a DVD on the ministry of Brooklyn Tabernacle Church in Angola Prison. It was very moving as many gave testimony to how they found Christ.
We followed this with some relaxation time, which involved food and birthday celebrations for one of the older members of our team! Happy birthday Graeme S!