Bible study update

by Struthers Cumbernauld

Last night a team met early at church to give our whole building a huge spring clean for Easter. Our Welsh church family stay in our church building over the Easter Conference so we always enjoy making it nice for them.

After our clean, we met in the church for our weekly prayer meeting. It was fabulous! Such a sense of joy in the resurrection of our Lord.

We then went through to the coffee shop to give our workers a well deserved coffee before we looked at our Bible Study.

This week we had 6 speakers. Each one spoke for a few minutes on a different day of Holy Week.
Laura spoke on the triumphal entry into Jerusalem; Karen spoke about the cleansing of the temple and the withered fig tree; Ailsa followed this by telling us some of the parables that Jesus taught on the Tuesday; Rae shared her own reflections about the Wednesday whilst Karen T filled us in on the details of the Last Supper and arrest of Christ. Barbara gave a very detailed break down of the events prior to, and of the crucifixion. Diana finished with the Jewish Sabbath. Her intentions are to speak about the resurrection on Easter Sunday morning.

There came a very deep quiet Presence of God as we reflected on the last week in the life of Christ.