Easter Conference report

by Struthers Cumbernauld

We have returned from a wonderful Easter conference this weekend!

Our conference began with a musical production of 'A Passion for Jesus' on Thursday and Friday nights in Glasgow. This was re enacted by our own church folks. The building was packed as over 350 people gathered each night. The message of the cross came to life through beautiful songs and drama that were written and presented mainly by the youth within the church. Many visitors attended over the two evenings and were deeply touched.

On Saturday we gathered in Greenock for the afternoon service. Alison spoke on the Mount of Transfiguration comparing our busy lives with those who waited to see the Glory of God.

On Saturday evening we met in Glasgow. Grace spoke on the victorious aspects of the Cross of Jesus Christ. There was a strong Presence of God in the worship time at the end of the service and a number of folks came out for prayer.

On Sunday morning we had an early start in Cumbernauld for our Easter walk, breakfast and service while others gathered in Greenock for the morning service of the conference. In Cumbernauld there was a gentleman gloriously baptised in the Holy Spirit during the morning meeting.

On Sunday afternoon, we gathered again in Greenock for our tarry meeting. Andrew spoke of David's mighty men breaking through the ranks. This was followed by a wonderful time of seeking God together.

In the evening, the Greenock church was packed for the baptismal service. Every seat was taken with people sitting on the platform too! There were eleven candidates being baptised in water. Diana preached a very clear gospel message then each candidate gave testimony before receiving a Bible promise and being baptised.The testimonies were very moving and the promises given tied in perfectly with each testimony. It was a beautiful service, filled with a real sense of gratitude to God for His moving, and a wonderful note to end our conference on!