Friday night youth work update

by Struthers Cumbernauld

We had a good first night back at our youth club. It was a slightly quieter night, as expected after a break. We had 25 children with a few new faces amongst them. At the start we had a lively time of singing together; there was a very happy atmosphere among us! We talked about the importance of telling others about Jesus. The children helped begin planning a fun night which we hope to hold in a few weeks time. They were very excited about the idea of bringing their friends along to this! After this our older children made the most of the nice evening with an outdoor treasure hunt, while younger children had a fun time of games. Many parents commented on how desperate their children have been to get back to the Friday club, which was great to hear!

In our student zone we continued our two Bible study groups on the Gospel of Mark.
In one group we discussed that Jesus would have known how He was going to be treated by men. We also had a discussion about the need for grace.
In our other group we looked at the importance of 'bearing fruit' in our lives and how we need to let our faith increase, and not let sin or self get in the way.
Later in the evening, we had a photo competition. it was great fun! We had a very good night.