Sunday school update

by Struthers Cumbernauld

We had a very lively morning with our youth today! We began with a time of singing at the beginning of the church service. There was a very happy atmosphere.

We had a slightly smaller Sunday School today due to holidays and illness. However, some of our Friday club children joined with our Sunday School. The theme of the morning was shining with the Light of Jesus. The children made lanterns. They learned about Jesus telling us that we should let His Light shine in our lives. They had a great time and enjoyed a tasty snack while they were busy with their crafts.

In Bible class we continued looking at the baptism in the Holy Spirit. We looked at the fifth of the five cases of this experience recorded in the book of Acts Chapter 19. We had a great time of discussion and the questions were flowing! We had a short time of prayer together. The morning was officially over, but the young people stayed on for a while to chat further about some of the things of God. It was a good morning.