Friday night youth work

by Struthers Cumbernauld

A great turnout for our fun night! We had 46 kids who gathered including many new faces. Our theme was Jonah and the whale. We began with some action singing before splitting the kids into teams. They rotated round stations where they learned the story of Jonah and a song; painted a Jonah and the whale frieze; had their faces painted; played messy games with doughnuts on string and took part in a scavenger hunt. It was a very busy, active evening and the kids had a fantastic time!

In our student zone, our exhausted workers had a break and a chat over our fun night. We then split into our Bible study groups.
In Scott's group we split into teams of two or three and were asked to find Biblical back up to answer basic questions on being a Christian.
In Zander's group we looked at parables that Jesus told regarding His own death. Some good discussion followed and we closed with a short prayer time.

We then had a small birthday celebration for one of our youth.

It was a busy, but very good night! We are very grateful to God that our numbers are increasing and many new faces are continuing to come along. Thank you to all who faithfully remember this work in your prayers! Please continue to pray for God's blessing to continue in this work, that it will prosper and grow for His glory.