Bible Study Report

by Struthers Cumbernauld

At our Bible Study this week we continued on the book of Galatians.
Starting at ch5 v7, Paul compares the spiritual progress of the Galatians from their past to their present state. We identified several 'hindrances' such as criticism, gossip and jealousy, and we talked about the negative effect they cause our spiritual lives and how we ought to deal with them. We discussed the importance of protecting the unity amongst us if we are to see the deep moving of the Holy Spirit.
In verse 10 Paul goes on to state that he has trusted the church to Gods keeping, and that when Gods judgement comes upon us we find that His mercy far outweighs His judgement.
We went on to talk about the persecution that Paul suffered as a result of preaching the gospel. After all he had been through, he was still proclaiming the same message. He saw the prize of the high calling (Christ) and just relentlessly pressed on. A remarkable man!
We discussed the attitude to the cross in Christ's day. It was the lowest form of punishment, a despised and disparaging form of death. Paul is pointing to the cross as being the sign of salvation. It is a miracle that any would choose to walk this way; without the magnetism of Christ who would be saved?
We took some time to think of 'For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty.' (V13) Freedom is never ending liberty! The closer bound to Christ we are, the freer we become. If we really seek Him we will find Him. We were encouraged not to concentrate on experiences but on Him.
We finished with verse 14 which brought some interesting thoughts. 'Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.' We discussed loving ourselves; we want to be happy, to protect ourselves and the natural instinct of self preservation. We discussed what it would really mean to love others the way we love ourselves.
Our discussion led us to see that this is impossible without God's Love pouring through us to others. This is the ultimate service of Him and the summing up of our faith in Christ Jesus!