Bible Study Report

by Struthers Cumbernauld

In our bible study on 30 April, we continued our study of Galatians. We looked at Chapter 4:1-16. The previous chapter ended with Paul making an argument: how that by faith they had become the sons of God.

This theme continues in the first part of chapter four as Paul describes the condition of those under the Law prior to the coming of Christ. We discussed Paul's assertion that under the law they were "children", and really no different than slaves.
But when Christ came, He redeemed those under the Law and made it
possible for them to receive the adoption as "sons". (1-7). We considered the fact that Christ came at the right time in history. A time preordained by God. The developments in history at that time set the stage for the gospel to be heard and to be spread.

Paul goes on to say that after having come to know the true God and being known by Him, their observance of traditions, holy days etc is indicative of a desire to return to bondage. That greatly concerns Paul, who would have them become like him. He reminds the Galatians of their reception of him in the past and refers to the fact they would have even given him their own eyes. (V15) We discussed that this may have been a reference to Paul's physical condition - his 'thorn in the flesh'. This may have been an eye condition. Whatever the condition was we know it made him dependant on God.

We ended the study with Paul's hope that by telling the Galatians the truth he has not become their enemy. (V16)