Friday night youth work update

by Struthers Cumbernauld

Our youth club went well on Friday night. We had a few kids away for the holiday weekend, although we also had some new faces.
Our theme, for the primary age group was the fruits of the Spirit. Children had the chance to sample some fruit juice, and then some brave volunteers sampled juice with a secret ingredient, such as salt or vinegar. We then talked about how lies and hatred don't mix with being a Christian. Children then had the chance to rotate round games, arts and crafts and quiz stations.

In our student zone we had a few new faces. Our minister Diana Rutherford came along to take a short meeting with the young people. We talked about what it meant to be a Christian through discussion and drama sketches. Diana then rounded off with a short explanation of what it means to know Christ as Saviour. We went on to plan next week's fun night for the kids, before playing a few games together.

We were encouraged by the new faces in both our meetings. Please continue to pray for this work, that it will thrive and grow for the glory of God.