Friday night youth work

by Struthers Cumbernauld

We had a good night with our young people this Friday!
Over 30 children came to our Friday club. We took transport for our theme and made a paper aeroplane and rocket. We talked about the amazing places these can take us to. The rocket shape popped up to show a cross and we spoke of how the cross is the only way we can get to heaven, and what that means for us. There came a lovely presence of God and a real sense of His love for these children as we closed. Children then enjoyed some outdoor games and some baking.

In our student zone we spent some time planning our fun night next Friday. We made lots of practical arrangements and assigned responsibilities to different folks. We then heard a short talk, reminding us of the importance of taking out the true message of Jesus. Following this, we had a time of prayer for next weekend's outreach events. Our evening finished relaxing together with some food and chill time.