Mid week outreach meetings

by Struthers Cumbernauld

We had our three outreaches on again this Wednesday night.

In Motherwell, Laura took a time of singing. Barbara followed this with a mixture of testimony to deliverance and preaching about the man from the Gadarenes. She spoke very well. At the end she made an appeal and several responded for prayer. Laura then led the worship whilst ministry ensued. It was a good night. There was a new lady with us who had responded to the appeal and she asked, at the end of the evening, if we could have a meeting every night!

In Airdrie, John took a time of singing at the beginning of the service. Rae followed by bringing a word from Acts 13:15,38 and Rev 9-12. It was about Paul encouraging believers and the great multitude praising and worshiping the Lamb in heaven. A powerful worship time followed with a lovely word given at the end. It was a good night.

In Coatbridge, Ailsa led a time of singing before Adam shared his testimony to the mercy and grace of Christ in his life. Following this, Carol spoke from Matt 6 about having a single eye. She encouraged folks to prepare for the outreach on Saturday and also for the summer camps. A lovely, deep worship time followed with some folks receiving ministry. We are encouraged to see the newer folks coming every week and beginning to feed more deeply. Once again we thank God for His rich blessing and fruitfulness amongst us.