Mid week outreach

by Struthers Cumbernauld

We had one outreach midweek meeting this week in Coatbridge, as our Motherwell and Airdrie meetings are off for the summer. The meeting started with a time of singing led by Diana. We sang a song written by one of our young people: ‘The Spirit is Falling’. It was a wonderful time of singing, with a real sense of freedom in worshipping Christ and thanking Him for all He has done for us in recent days, even as recently as our Drumpellier Park Outreach last Saturday.

One of our Coatbridge contacts gave testimony to how God had moved in his life a number of years ago, providing hope and help in a personal situation that was particularly difficult. The testimony he gave highlighted the fact that God is interested not only in our spiritual development, but also looks and acts with loving mercy on the most natural aspects of our lives. He is a God who cares deeply and is more than able to work miracles in order for His plans to be accomplished in a believer’s life.

Diana Rutherford then opened the word of God to us. She spoke of the great importance of finding Christ Himself. We were encouraged to build our faith on the one true cornerstone which can never be shaken: Christ Jesus Himself. It is of great importance for the extension of the Kingdom of God that we focus on Jesus alone; not on a person, a minister, a church or a denomination; then the Kingdom of God is established and Jesus is glorified.

This theme of finding Christ alone was carried through into the prayertime. There was a lovely sense of people desiring to find the Lord directly as we turned to prayer. Again, there came a gentle atmosphere of worship amongst us as many lives turned themselves God-ward and simply worshipped the One who is deserving of all praise honour, glory and power. God blessed us deeply with His presence as we entered into the joy and freedom of worship that opened to us. It was an evening of feeding deeply on the One who so deeply satisfies. We thank Him again for his continued faithfulness to us.