Report on Bible Study

by Struthers Cumbernauld

4th June 2013

Galatians ch 5 v 18 - 23
The verses we studied tonight provided a general guideline to living in the Spirit. It was interesting to note that the list of sins to avoid is not a comprehensive list, but Paul is pointing out that these sins and others like these ought to be avoided. The sins that are listed are outward signs of a life not living in the Spirit, but in the flesh. We need to constantly fight against the flesh and when we walk in the Spirit we find the strength to resist temptation and to press further into the life of God.
We discussed the fact that the death and resurrection of Christ completed the law and that the Spirit of God is working in us throughout our salvation, to draw us closer to Jesus Christ through sanctification.
It was interesting to note, that when we do sin, the best thing for us to do is to come to the Cross of Christ, and ask for His forgiveness, and from there to move on and continue following after Him. It does us no good to focus on the sin or on our own failings.
We then went on to discuss the 'fruits of the Spirit'. These 'fruits' are developed within us through the power of the Holy Spirit as we walk in Him. We are all a 'work in progress' yet each of us should aim to have more of the Spirit outworking in our lives.