Sunday youth work update

by Struthers Cumbernauld

This morning in Sunday School we talked about the ways in which God guides us. We looked at the story of the Israelites being led by a pillar of cloud by day and fire by night. We discussed how God often shows us the way to go by our conscience. When we feel guilty, it is an indication that we have done something that has taken us away from Him and we need to put it right. After that we made lolly stick puppets with pillars of fire and cloud to remind us of our story.

In Bible Class, the young people gave reports of the youth camp they attended last week. They all got on well and had a lot of fun taking part in the various activities. One young person from Cumbernauld was baptised in the Holy Spirit during the week and was very pleased with the touch from God she received. All of the young people particularly enjoyed hearing Andrew preaching about the various places we have to pass through in order to find God in deeper ways. He spoke of the villages of quietness and obedience, the city of enthusiasm and the town of faith. The young people got a lot from this analogy. After giving reports of youth camp the Bible Class had a short time of prayer together.

Both groups then met together for a picnic in the sunshine; we even had ice-lollies since it was so warm. It was a lovely way to end the morning.