Bible Study Update

by Struthers Cumbernauld

23rd July 2013

On Tuesday night we looked at the last few verses in the book of Galatians. Starting at ch6 v15, we looked at the fact that the Jews were circumcised to identify them as belonging to God, however, Paul emphasised the fact that we belong to God by being saved by faith and that the sign of that is displayed in the way we live our lives.
We went on to discuss the marks on Paul's body and how this identified him as belonging to Christ. We know from scripture that Paul was physically beaten and these would have left wounds. In this modern day, physical torture is not particularly threatening in our own country, however, we can bear with Christ and have inner scars and wounds which identify us as belonging to Him. We can do this by lifting up His standard and being commited disciples of Jesus Christ.
We went on to have several reports from our recent church camp. These were very good and very encouraging to hear how God has touched the lives of so many.
Praise God for His ongoing work, and we pray for this to deepen as we seek for more of Him.