Mid week outreach meeting

by Struthers Cumbernauld

Our Coatbridge outreach meeting this week was led by John and Rae, the leaders of our Airdrie outreach work.
John started with a time of singing which was very good. Rae then spoke on verses from 2nd Kings ch. 17, particularly focussing on verse 26. She spoke of how the people of Israel came under God's anger because they did not worship the Lord God correctly. Rae reminded us of the need to be vigilant in our own personal lives, being watchful that we are not setting up for ourselves idols from the worldly pleasures of this life in place of Christ. It is when we come to Him, under His blood, finding His forgiveness, casting all 'idols' away and giving ourselves fully to Him that we truly enter into a depth of worship that is pleasing to God.

We turned to prayer and some received ministry whilst others pressed through to the place of worship that had been spoken of. There came a lovely gentle presence of Christ as we lifted our voices, singing in the Spirit, worshipping the One who alone is worthy of all our praise and adoration.