Bible Study

by Struthers Cumbernauld

Ephesians Chapter 4 v1-10

We opened our Bible study by talking about the fact that, right from the outset, Paul calls us to live in a way that is right and pleasing before God. We thought about the challenge of living worthy of that call, and the total dependency we have on Christ to make us able.

We discussed Christ as our perfect example, the One who took on such a lowly form and walked in total humility and, though we can struggle to attain a place of lowliness, when we look to Him and His example, we find we can immediately feel our own lowliness.

We also discussed the fact that God does not wait until we have attained perfection before using us, but He sees our hearts and continues the work within us as we walk with Him.

We closed with the wonderful thought that His grace is freely given to us all, that we will never deserve or earn that grace.