Friday youth work update

by Struthers Cumbernauld

A very good start this year for our Friday club with 58 children. It was great to see many of them again and a couple of new children too. They were in great voice as they sang lots of their favourite action songs. The theme was resolutions. Children played charades, acting out examples of different things people resolve to do. This was tied in with ways we can resolve to know Jesus better. Kids went on to their various activities which they thoroughly enjoyed.

In our student zone we have made some changes and had our first 10-16 years meeting. We began with some team games which were a lot of fun before a short youth meeting. We started with some singing before hearing a testimony on the importance of finding God for yourself. This was followed with a short word which encouraged the young people to have a goal and know what they are aiming for spiritually. We closed with a very short time of prayer. It was great to have 3 new people at that meeting. All appeared to really enjoyed it.