Bible Study Update

by Struthers Cumbernauld

14th January 2014
Hebrews ch11 v7

This week we looked at the story of Noah in Genesis and discussed how he walked in "close fellowship with God". At that time, the Earth was full of wickedness, yet Noah heard God's voice and, more importantly, he obeyed Him unquestioningly, through faith.
We discussed the importance of never dismissing God's speaking to us. We might not have the same calling as Noah, but the Holy Spirit can still reveal God to us and reveal His plans for our lives.
The Bible is full of examples of how the Christian life should be outworked, and it is a template for us to live by today.
By faith, Noah did something that he had never heard of or experienced. Sometimes, faith is quickened within our own hearts to do things we have never heard of or experienced. We finished our study with several of our own folks sharing their own personal experiences of the Holy Spirit giving them a vision and a burden for the work of God, and how they have obeyed Him through faith. It was very encouraging to hear how God has moved amongst us.