Bible Study Update

by Struthers Cumbernauld

Hebrews ch11 v8
This week we moved on in our bible study to begin to look at the faith of Abraham.
First of all we looked at Abraham's family background. As far as we can tell, Abraham did not know God prior to God speaking to him. He believed what God said and obeyed Him. At the beginning, Abraham only knew that he was journeying towards a land that God would show him. He obeyed by faith. It transpired that Canaan was the promised land. We looked at the history of Canaan. It was there that God led Abraham, by faith, to become the father of nations.
We then discussed the cost involved in following God through faith. It became apparent that following God at this level will definitely cost us, in terms of dying to ourselves and choosing and obeying God's will over our own.