Mid week outreach meetings

by Struthers Cumbernauld

Coatbridge Outreach
We had a good meeting on Wednesday night and were delighted to welcome a new lady to our house meeting.
We began with a short time of song before 3 or 4 people shared some very encouraging up to date reports. Thereafter, Mima shared her testimony to salvation and baptism in the Holy Spirit. Carol then brought the word. We finished our meeting with a time of prayer together before having a cup of tea. It was a very happy time of fellowship.

Motherwell Outreach
We were very pleased to welcome 2 visitors to our meeting this Wednesday.
We began our evening with some singing before Martin shared his testimony to how he came along to the church. Diana then spoke about being 'a faithful and wise manager of the flock' (Luke 12); the responsibility of the minister to provide spiritual food and the difference it makes to a person when they truly feed on the Living Bread and are satisfied.
We followed this with a short time of worship and prayer before closing.
As usual, our host put on a sumptuous spread and we enjoyed our food and fellowship together.

Airdrie Outreach
We had a good meeting in Airdrie this week. Rae began the night with some singing before we watched testimonies from Billy Graham The Cross dvd. It was very good and it encouraged us to pray and invite folks to the up and coming outreach. Rae followed this, she spoke for a short while from Matt 28:18 "go therefore and make disciples of all nations". Folks were inspired by the dvd and faith was increased to hope for the move of God as we prayed together.
Our evening finished with a cup of tea, cake and fellowship.