Friday Youth Work update

by Struthers Cumbernauld

We had 40 children at our Friday club tonight, including a few new ones. We had a very happy time of singing action choruses before having one or two worship songs which the children sang with great enthusiasm! Tiffies then spoke around the story of the ten lepers and the importance of counting your blessings. This was followed with our stations of biscuit decorating, games and hangman. It was a good evening.

In our student zone, Scott took some games to begin with.
At the meeting part Leah led two songs before Zander spoke. He got volunteers who were blindfolded to listen to instructions and then find the way to their seat. They also had others shouting things to distract them. Zander spoke of the importance of listening to God and blocking out the other voices that try to distract us from following in God's way. We closed in prayer to end a very good evening.