Mid week outreaches

by Struthers Cumbernauld

Airdrie Outreach
We had a good meeting this week.
John began the evening with some singing before Rae spoke from Isaiah 60:1, 61:1 62:10 and Prov 24:11. She talked about removing the boulders, letting the Light shine, raising the banner of Christ for nations to see. This was followed with a quiet, gentle worship time. We finished our night with tea, coffee and cakes.

Motherwell Outreach
We had our first meeting in the new hall and were delighted to welcome a new lady from the local area.
We had a lovely evening!
Mark and Diana led a short time of song before Margaret G gave testimony to her salvation and baptism in the Holy Spirit. She spoke very well. Diana then followed by sharing a verse she had read that morning from Luke 12:7 'Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows.' There came a strong sense of the Love of God for each one of us. Following this, we had a quiet worship time with singing in the Spirit and a word of prophecy. We finished our evening with a fabulous spread provided by our hosts. It was an excellent beginning to a new venture.

Coatbridge Outreach
Our house meeting this week was great! We were delighted to have 3 visitors. Ailsa took some singing and there came a lovely presence of God. Carol asked for several up to date reports before Jim gave testimony. The reports were really encouraging. One said he had had a week of prayer. Another spoke of his break away with friends and how they had talked about the things of God. A third spoke of how she went for prayer and feels she has moved forward in the things of God as a result. There have been opportunities to witness since then. Jim's testimony was full of life and joy.
Carol followed this by speaking from John 12, a continuation from last week. We closed with a short prayer time. Several of our folks prayed out loud before Mima closed the meeting in prayer.