Friday youth work

by Struthers Cumbernauld

We had a quieter night this Friday, though still very busy. We began with some singing; the children raised the roof!Tiffies then showed us her 'melon lantern' in which the shape of a cross was carved. The candles inside were lit and the lights turned off to see if we could make the light go out by surrounding it in darkness. We found that this only made the light shine more brightly. The analogy, Jesus the Light of the world that no darkness can extinguish. As we closed in prayer, several of the children indicated that they wanted to ask Jesus into their hearts. We prayed together and there came a lovely presence of Jesus in the room.
Our activities followed, one of which was an arts and crafts station were children began making items for our up and coming Craft Fayre whilst others enjoyed some games.

We had a fun night in our student zone with some games and food. It was a chance to chill out and chat together and there was lots of laughter. We closed our happy time of fellowship together with prayer.