Mid week outreach meetings

by Struthers Cumbernauld

Airdrie Outreach

Before our meeting this week, we went out to deliver leaflets round the local area advertising our up and coming Billy Graham outreach on the 13th Nov.
After this, we met together in the hall, and after a time of singing led by Rae, John spoke on Matt 25:1-13 about the foolish virgins. He spoke about being prepared for the coming of Jesus. The speaking was very good. He also led a very nice, deep worship time at the end.

Coatbridge Outreach

We had a great night at Jim and Mima's house group and were pleased to have 4 visitors with us.
We began with up to date reports which were very encouraging. It's a time when we are able to be very honest with each other about how we are getting on in our Christian walk. One spoke of giving up smoking after 46 years!
Following this, Graham spoke about how God makes a way through the difficult places for us. It was really nice to see one of our visitors come to Christ before the end of the evening. It's just amazing what God is doing amongst these folks. We are very encouraged.

Motherwell Outreach

Tonight we were delighted to have 7 visitors with us from the local area.
We began with some lively singing which we all enjoyed. Vicky shared a very good testimony to salvation and baptism in the Holy Spirit. Diana followed this by speaking from
Luke 18:9-14. She talked about being 'confident in their own righteousness' which are the words that Jesus used when introducing the parable. After this, we enjoyed a rich time of worship. At the end of the evening one lady came for prayer whilst others enjoyed the supper that had been provided.

We thank God for His moving and are greatly encouraged as we press on for His glory.