Bible study

by Struthers Cumbernauld

Tonight we began our bible study at Hebrews ch11 v20. We looked at Genesis ch 25 and discussed the story of Jacob and Esau. God chose Jacob to fulfill His purposes. We discussed the fact that we have our own free choice and this is still of paramount importance in following God. We all still need to choose salvation and seek for the call and blessings of God for our lives.
The deceitfulness of both Jacob and Rebecca was an example of flawed human nature even if their desire for spiritual things was right. However, God honoured their hunger for Him and gave to Jacob the blessing. Jacob had allowed himself to become desperate for the blessing of God, and in turn he received it. We need to learn to become desperate for Him, to seek for the blessing or the call of God, with all our might, and to lay down our lives on a daily basis for His glory.
We discussed what it meant to pay the price and abandon ourselves to the Will of God every day. We may make mistakes along the way, but we can come again and again to Him and seek for the anointing and the blessing to be renewed.