Bible Study Update

by Struthers Cumbernauld

Hebrews ch11 v21

We began our Bible Study by looking at the birth of Moses. The King James Version refers to the baby Moses as a "goodly child", there is no reference to him being special or outstanding in any way, yet, by faith, his parents decided to hide him for 3 months. We can assume that they were aware that there may possibly be a calling on Moses' life, however, at this early stage, we can detect nothing extraordinary about this child.
We looked at the fact that the faith of Moses' parents was greater than the authority of Pharoah. They went against the edict and saved their son. Verse 25 goes onto explain that by faith Moses chose to forego all the pleasure of Egypt and identify himself as a Hebrew, and in doing so, he shared in the suffering of Christ and looked forward to his reward.
We discussed how Moses was aware of the existence of Christ. He would have been taught the Hebrew faith, and the prophecies concerning the Messiah, so it would become apparent to him that one day Christ would come.
Next week, we will continue to look at the faith of Moses as he led the Israelites out of Egypt.