Bible Study

by Struthers Cumbernauld

Hebrews Ch11 v27

We began our study by looking back at the story of the first Passover in the book of Exodus.
We discussed the fact that Moses was determined to follow the plan of God and this is something that each of us needs to learn and learn to cultivate. Regardless of what trials are in our way, we need to keep our eyes on the One who is invisible. We can do this by ensuring that we spend quality time communing with God, and holding onto His promises. Sometimes we can become discouraged and lose our focus, however, in these moments, we need to cling onto Christ and realise that He is in control of our lives and there is no need for us to interfere, we should simply obey His word.
We went on to look at the story of the Israelites crossing the Red Sea. This was an incredible example of faith. The original story in Exodus highlights the fact that the Israelites initially had no faith at all that God, through Moses, would deliver them from Pharoah's soldiers. So often, we don't believe God for the miraculous, but through faith, we see it come to fruition, but unfortunately, so many of us don't stay in that place of faith. We must learn to live close to God and enjoy a dynamic relationship with Him. As discussed in previous studies, there is a cost to living this life of faith, but it is definitely a road that is open to all of us.