Bible study update

by Struthers Cumbernauld

Hebrews Ch 11 v 13-17
When discussing verses 13 to 16 we noticed they do not relate to any specific persons, however, it is presumed that they refer to Abraham and his wife Sarah and their descendents.

Moving onto verse 17, we looked at the faith of Abraham when he was required to sacrifice his son Isaac. We read through the account in Genesis, and Abraham's thoughts are seemingly hidden from us, however, it is apparent that Abraham had faith that once he had sacrificed his son, then God would raise him from the dead. Looking at this story from a natural point of view, it is incredibly extreme, however, God will require each of us to prove our faith at some point, and He will provide enough strength for each of us to see it through.
We discussed the importance of trusting God with our children, and of each of us trusting our spiritual parents, having faith that they will always point us to Christ, and that our lives will deepen in faith in God.