Friday youth work update

by Struthers Cumbernauld

We had a great night at our Friday club tonight with 50 children. It was hard to stop our time of singing with so many choices from the children. Our theme for the night was The Lord's Prayer. We broke the prayer down to individual parts with pictures and then discussed what each part meant. We talked about friendships and how we love to spend time with our friends. Prayer is the way we spend time with Jesus. Everyone was given a laminated copy of the Lord's Prayer to take home. In our stations we had football, team games, arts and crafts, singing and a quiz. A fun evening all round.

In our high school meeting we were delighted to have six new youngsters. We began with some games before our short meeting. We started with a time of singing and a testimony to salvation. This was followed with group discussions on what we think a Christian is. We then came back together to look at what each group had found before Graeme rounded off by talking about the importance of being a Christian which is more than just believing that Jesus is real or attending church. It was a very good evening.