Friday night youth work

by Struthers Cumbernauld

We had 58 kids at our Friday club this week, including 4 brand new children. It was a busy night with lots of active singing to begin. Our theme tonight was 'spot the difference'. We had some fun looking for differences in pictures, some were obvious and some were much more difficult to spot. We talked about how others should be able to see differences in us for the better when we have Jesus in our hearts and, even when we are young, our example can draw others to want to know more about Jesus. We then went off to our stations which included football, parachute games, arts and crafts and a scavenger hunt. It was all great fun!

In our high school meeting we had 4 new people tonight. We started with some team games before a short meeting. We had some singing before Pauline told us a story of a young boy on a journey home at night. She spoke of how he was scared walking in the dark, until he heard his dad calling his name. She related this to how God our Father calls out to us and comes to walk beside us. We closed in prayer before having a few more games. Avery good night all in.