Friday youth work

by Struthers Cumbernauld

Tonight we had a fun night for both parts of our youth club. We had 47 kids at our Friday club and the theme was David and Goliath.
After some singing, our youth leaders dramatised the story. The kids loved seeing David and Scott dressed up as Goliath! Hannah read the story whilst Leah and Louise acted out the other parts. Scott rounded up at the end relating it to the children.
The children then went on to a carousel of stations. At one they made a themed snack of marshmallow sheep for David the shepherd and a sling and stones using strawberry laces and smarties. At another they had great fun throwing stones (water balloons) at Goliath (Shev) and at a third station they made David's pouch of stones from coloured card. Finally we came back together for some singing. It was a very active and fun night.

In our high school meeting 14 young people gathered for our fun night. David ran a fantastic time of games, such as a banana relay, hula hoop chains and cup towers to be knocked down. The young people loved it! We had a short meeting with one song led by Leah and a testimony interview with Hannah. She made very clear points about what it means to ask Jesus into your heart and the practical ways Jesus helps us in our day to day lives. We then closed in prayer before having some pizza and a few more games. A great night all in!