Wednesday outreach meetings

by Struthers Cumbernauld

In Coatbridge we had a good meeting. Carol took some singing at the beginning. There was a real covering of His presence during this. Pete preached on 'belief' and highlighted the disciples unbelief and it's consequences. It was an encouraging word and reminded us that in a crisis of unbelief we should simply believe. Pete led worship at the end and this really tied in with the word preached.

In Motherwell Karen led a time of singing at the beginning. This was followed by a very good testimony from Tiffies before Barbara brought the word to us. She spoke from personal experience about the fact she had lost her central focus on Christ because life had just been too busy and how she had to get her priorities sorted. She related this to the life of Abraham who made mistakes; lost his focus but despite all this he was still loved by God who was also his friend. It was a lovely word. We turned to prayer and had a really good time of worship and ministry. There came a real sense of praise as different people led in song quite spontaneously whilst others received ministry. It was a good night. One of our newer folks spoke at the end of being deeply touched by the presence of God that was there.