Mid week outreach meetings

by Struthers Cumbernauld


We had a good meeting last night. There were two of our more recent contacts plus a third lady who came from the soup kitchen.
During the singing, Carol asked if anyone wanted to (voluntarily) share anything that God had done for them in the last week or so. There were several who spoke. One in particular was very encouraging: he said he's had a barrier up against speaking in tongues but at the end of the prayer meeting on Tuesday night he felt that God took the barrier away and he started speaking in tongues himself. Following this Elaine was asked to give her testimony and then Carol spoke about Christ's gentleness and about us living in Him. During the prayer time Carol spoke to the new lady and then they went up to the back of the hall to pray whilst Ailsa led the company in worship. The lady concerned became a Christian and started speaking in tongues. There was a lovely, quiet worship time going on, but a strong sense of God's presence. We were very happy for our new friend.


This week, to start our Airdrie meetings off again, we decided to meet in John and Rae's house. It was nice to be together!
Rae took a time of song before John spoke from Genesis about Adam and Eve and the tree of knowledge. He spoke about knowing Jesus at a head knowledge or experiencing Him for yourself through finding Him through life's circumstances. He shared some of the circumstances surrounding his mother's life and death. We had some more praise and worship at the end before a cup of tea!


Again, every seat was taken tonight in our small hall! There were no new faces but all of our regular contacts were out which was very encouraging.
Barbara began the night with some singing and then Andrew shared his testimony. He spoke of being brought up in the church, some highlights along the way when he encountered the presence of God, and then finding God at a much deeper level over the last few years. Diana then shared some verses from Romans 10 about not only finding the call of God for our lives but knowing that He has sent us to fulfil that call. She emphasised that when we know God has sent us we will do what we are called to do with greater power and authority. It was an encouraging word and as we turned to prayer we sought to find what God would have us do and what we could do best for Him.