Friday youth work

by Struthers Cumbernauld

A gloriously sunny Friday club this week with 42 kids including a few new faces.
We began with some singing before splitting into groups. The groups were given some challenges. The children had to work together as a team to meet their particular challenge. We used this activity to illustrate the importance of unity between us in the church.
We then made the best of the sunshine with a rotation of outdoor games for the older ones organised by David, and lots of group games for the younger ones which Leah, Hannah, Mark and Jenny organised. We had a juice stop after this thirsty work before bringing a very happy and exhausted group of children back together to find out which group had won and gave them their prizes.

In our older youth meeting we began with a game of rounders. We had 15 young people with us. Following this we came together for some singing led by Leah before Zander spoke. He talked about the effect of sin and related this to the splashes of paint he had been covered in while painting the ceilings in his new house! At the end, young people were given the opportunity to say the sinners prayer if they wanted to ask Jesus into their lives. Some of them responded positively, which we were delighted about. A few more games finished off a very good evening.