Friday youth work

by Struthers Cumbernauld

We had a great first night back at our Friday club with 39 kids.
We began with lots of songs. The children had obviously missed singing their favourites and were keen to put in their requests! We then split into groups with the task of designing a logo reflecting the things the group liked. When we came back together, Tiffies talked about the fact that, although we are all different, there is a place for us in God's house and His Love and care is for everyone. Finally we split into our stations, playing football, indoor games and arts and crafts. It was a great night!

In our student zone we started with some games, organised by Mel and Hannah. At the meeting part, Leah took some singing and Zander spoke. He began by asking everyone to think of something they would give to someone very special if there were no limitations on what they could give. He related this to the sacrifice Jesus has made for each one of us and reminded us that God always wants what is best for us. It was a very good evening.